This is one of the best fixed power scout scopes that you can find in this price range. You will be glad to see that this is a shockproof, waterproof and fog proof scope which makes it perfect for hunting in almost any weather circumstances. Its products are of such a high quality that it is very unlikely to be disappointed as you are using such a scope. Nice review, Mike! It is a resistant scope thanks to the strong and durable aluminum material used. I very quickly found that the low rings are just a bit too low with the Crossfire II Scout and the rail I'm using. I think your 3.9" relief value for the Crossfire comes from the specs for the wrong scope. I'm hoping the medium rings will help but I want that scope as low as possible. And it has some of the best scout scope reviews so you should definitely consider that aspect as well. This Burris scout scope is an impressive scope that will develop your shooting skills the more you use it. You can use this scout scope on many weapons and it will give you the best results while you go hunting. I just worked on one of the rifles I had put a Vortex 2x7 on and agree that at top magnification, there are problems. This is not one of the cheapest scout scopes that you can find which is a downfall for many users but if budget is not a problem for you, you should definitely consider this product. So, if you are looking for a scout rifle scope that you will love to use, this is one of your best options! The Crossfire II Scout (CF-31002) is $149, see This is a scope with multi-coated lenses that give you a very accurate image as you are shooting your target. This Hi-Lux scout scope is a great choice for both beginner and expert shooters. It has a 30 mm tube that makes it suitable for most weapons used for hunting. To start with, it is strong, of good quality and therefore durable. We go over our favorites in Best Scout Rifles. And the lenses are not reflective which adds to the clarity of the image they provide for you. The tube has a diameter of 1 inch and the magnification goes from 2x to 7x. The reticle will remain the same accuracy and quality regardless to the level of magnification you choose to set this scout scope at. But how does it stack up in the optics department? A great scout scope might be hard to find if you never shopped for such a product but it is not impossible. The scope does not come with a fixed magnification like other popular scout scopes. Since it has such a wide flexibility, you will not regret investing in this scope and you will be able to use it on different weapons as you please. You are able to switch from one color mode to the other with ease. I wouldn't trust it on anything larger than a 5.56mm. Best scope for the Steyr Scout ? It is a high quality illuminated scout scope and the price it comes at is simply hard to compete with. By the end you’ll have a firm grasp of what makes a great scout scope…and which one might be perfect for you. you will enjoy an objective of 32mm which is perfect for shooting at any target. Workin' On Our Night Moves Night Shooting Helmet Setup Overview. We’ve got a dedicated section for the AR-15 here. It is perfect scope for ruger scout rifle and you will discover that you can carry it with you easily as well since it is not very heavy at all. They are also general purpose rifles that can be used for more than one purpose. We love the fact that this scope is made of a highly resistant aluminum material which will allow you to enjoy it for years to come. The manufacturer has also included ballistic drop reticules so as to offer extra support to those that enjoy shooting. If you would like to purchase the item in person then please call ahead to make sure the store you're travelling to has it in stock (Our main distribution warehouse is located at the Exeter branch). First of all, it comes from a company that has great reputation in the manufacturing of great quality and durable products. It provides a generous eye relief to allow its user to enjoy faster target acquisition for a perfect shot. It is one of the best Vortex scout scope that you can find and it opens a path to learn what you need in a professional tool like this. I’ll cover some of the most important things such as weight and price…but what it comes down to in the end is eye relief and optic clarity. Great scope. These lightweight rifles are designed to be easy to carry and maneuver, and are still strong enough to pack a powerful wallop. Just like other great scopes that you can find, it is fog proof and resistant to recoil shocks which only adds to the overall performance of this product. Fine but very usable reticle for both precision and quick shots. They are only one digit difference so the scout ends with a 1 the regular scope ends with a 2. Although there’s a barely perceptible green tint to it. Should be 9.45", Vortex has 2-2x7 crossfire ll scopes one is 14 oz and 3.9 in eye relief the scout is 10 oz 9.4 in eye relief. Finer reticle so there’s more precision…but also good for snap shots. The .308 BDC Reticle is perfect for .308 scout rifle or AR-15, as well as for a lever-action rifle. And the design is so sleek and elegant that it will compliment any type of weapon and even outfit you might have. You will notice that the average eye relief goes for around 4’’ but there are even eye reliefs that are 3.5’’ and these are not such a good choice. Here’s our favorite scout scope rings in ascending price order. Warne 1″ Scope Rings. The weight of this product is just a little over 1 pound which makes it a very light scope, easy to carry as you need! This would have made the UTG a little more competitive except now it's apparently discontinued, and costs more than the Vortex, I have no idea why people would pay more for a UTG than a Vortex... You got the burris 2x and 7x messed up i think..just sayin. I'm working on a Winchester 30-30 Scout right now using the Vortex Scout. I'm finally comitted to get a .308 scout. This is an impressive choice of scout scope to make as it has been designed with the latest advancements in technology. It is of an amazing quality, giving users a chance to enjoy its use for a long time. Glass is decent for the price but near the upper 7x magnification it becomes difficult to get a good image and it almost appears to fog over in real life. I have seen these Osprey Global guys at all the Georgia gun shows with a big booth. Just remember, scout rifles are meant to be versatile. I get their uses or intended uses, but a lifetime warranty is a lifetime warranty. just quiorious i have a chance to buy a weaver super slam 3x15x50 still nib for less than $500 how is this scope? I wouldn't recommend the Vortex 2-7x, the reticle busted loose in mine after 40 rounds. It has an internal force that is double and a system that is able to lock accuracy so that you don’t struggle to reach your target at all. Regardless to the weather that you are planning to use this on, you will get a light transmission of 91% which is impressive even for the best scopes on the market. You can use the illumination to make the most out of it and set it to just the right type of level by using the adjustment features on it. Also, you can count on the fact that it is a waterproof scope, a fog proof one and a shockproof scope. It is one of the best scopes for scout rifles and you will not regret investing in it. If you use it correctly, you might even have it for a lifestyle so it is an investment worth making! You can choose between a magnification of 2x and up to a magnification of 7x and they are all incredibly accurate. A lot of people these days use scout rifles. The multi-coated lenses are great for offering you impeccable clarity during shooting sessions and you can even reach your target if you keep both of your eyes open. We’ve built dozens of AR’s and we’ll cover all the best AR-15 upgrades such as handguards, triggers, BCGs, gas blocks, and more. There is a strong shock resistance so you don’t take any risks when you use this scope. Easier to get pic and video which roughly translates to easier acquisition and use through your actual eyeballs. It features an emerald lens coating, which provides the user with a decent clarity and good light transmission. This is because it has all the best features and still very affordable. Plus, you can choose between two different colors when it comes to the illumination of the reticle and there are not less than 36 shades of color to choose from according to the conditions you are shooting in. In this comparison image I lined up all three scout scopes at the same magnification and put my head at the head of the bench rest to truly test eye relief. I'll mostly bang it around in my safe and drop it at the range and bump it a little while hunting. These are subjective to each user but the market has something for everyone. Get Our Top Shooting Drills and Zeroing Targets ($47 value - but FREE for a limited time). Waidmanns Heil New Member. It features fully multicoated lenses, which ensures maximum light transmission and clarity to help you with faster target acquisition. Subscribe to Pew Pew Tactical's sales and deals email. This gives the user maximum brightness any time of the day or night. It is crucial to have the freedom to adjust your scout scope to just the levels that you want it to be. This is because they are versatile, light in weight and are great looking in appeal.

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