S.D. Length .797 30 0 obj Diameter .458 B.C. /FunctionType 2 .411 Load Data. << It should, but I couldn't get it to. Catalog # 30615, Caliber 458 Cal Yeah they're pricey but if they work, in my opinion well worth the cost. Length 1.228 I already have a very accurate load for this rifle using 55 grain game kings with varget. Diameter .451 h .313 Diameter .458 .335 /Subtype /Form S.D. Maybe a 1:12 would do it. I had no interest in working up loads for a bullet I wasn't interested in. Diameter .375 S.D. .274 .398 Type TSX BT Diameter .284 .301 I have H4895, Varget, CFE 223, Accurate 2015, and Benchmark on hand. .453 /ColorSpace 16 0 R Type TSX FB S.D. Length 1.225 The 50 TTSX looks interesting for a slow-twist. Looking to develop a load with these bullets in my boat paddle model 77. Box QTY 20 B.C. S.D. Weight 285 .345 /OP false Diameter .338 B.C. In my opinion, the listed bullet that most closely resembles your 62 gr. Type TSX FB Length 1.058 2.250 in. Catalog # 30341, Caliber 30-30 Win Using bullets from Barnes Varmint Grenade, Barnes Banded Spitzer or TSX FB, Barnes TSX FB, Barnes MPG FB, Barnes TSX BT. Type TSX FB B.C. Catalog # 30412, Caliber 338 Cal /Filter /FlateDecode /FunctionType 2 Box QTY 50 Weight 250 /Length 13769 .246 S.D. B.C. Length 1.116 0.197 Box QTY 50 x��A .266 Type TSX BT .359 /ca 1 S.D. Length 1.024 OTM bullet is the Barnes 62 gr. Barnes in 1 in 14 twist with no problem and Im getting excellent results out of the 55 gr TTSX in a 1 in 12...50 TTSX shoot in anything. .248 Box QTY 50 endobj Type TSX BT Once again, please refrain from cutting short any baseless totally emotional arguments with facts. .356 B.C. B.C. Weight 150 B.C. Great hunt. Box QTY 50 B.C. .238 ��ͽq���Q�}��� ��m�ޠ��H>�@x���oZ�a���f�B�-�? S.D. Length 1.145 Box QTY 50 If you are interested in the most recent data for cartridges and/or bullet weights/styles not listed on this page, contact Barnes Consumer Service department to inquire about recommended loads and approximate timing for the data to be made available via email at [email protected] or by phone at 800.574.9200.. Catalog # 30688, Caliber 500 Nitro Both say minimum twist is 1-12. endobj Weight 300 Box QTY 20 B.C. Try these all-copper bullets and realize the added benefits of improved accuracy, reduced barrel fouling and increased velocity. Diameter .358 B.C. Diameter .509 Length 1.525 Diameter .257 Catalog # 30176, Caliber 22 Cal Diameter .458 Diameter .505 Catalog # 30516, Caliber 416 Cal Length 1.493 Length 1.229 Type TSX FB >> >> B.C. Catalog # 30222, Caliber 25 Cal Now, Barnes has improved on perfection by adding a streamlined polymer tip. Length .985 Diameter .474 I'd not mind eventually trying the 62 TTSX in a 1:8, but I don't think they are going to be necessary, given my purposes. Type TSX BT Diameter .224 B.C. Twist Rate 1:12" or Faster 62 gr 223/5.56 Loads. Length 0.796 71 .369 Catalog # 30410, Caliber 338 Cal 0.188 B.C. Catalog # 30396, Caliber 8mm /I false [/Separation /PANTONE#20730#20C 17 0 R << This is over a 'book' maximum load of Varget. Box QTY 50 .271 B.C. Length 1.318 ��H�P�KP�[� ���H�pB8��I������v�RN&�'xcrT�C� Catalog # 30617, Caliber 458 Cal .223 Remington (Barnes Reloading Manual #4) Warning! Powder Bul Weight C.O.L. /SMask /None Box QTY 50 .246 B.C. Dude. Type TSX FB Length 1.558 Length 1.268 Weight 110 Catalog # 30408, Caliber 338 Cal B.C. Diameter .277 S.D. Weight 62 .254 S.D. Type TSX BT /OPM 1 Catalog # 30260, Caliber 270 Cal CALIBER … Weight 130 endobj Type TSX FB << Length 1.224 Length 1.082 Diameter .358 .392 endstream .279 B.C. Diameter .338 Type TSX FB %PDF-1.4 << .336 Catalog # 30619, Caliber 458 Cal .136 I am sure the 64gr solid-base bonded will stabilize in a 1:12. Box QTY 50 24.0 gr. S.D. .264 .266 x��| |T�����m�f}3�= 3�If�! /Domain [0 1] I load the same with a 70 grain Barnes TSX, and get similar results to the 68 gr. /AntiAlias false /Subtype /Form >> B.C. /Range [0 100 -128 127 -128 127] .321 Diameter .422 Catalog # 30647, Caliber 505 Gibbs Catalog # 30473, Caliber 375 Cal Length 1.301 S.D. S.D. S.D. Box QTY 50 Length 1.405 Box QTY 50 17 0 obj /SA true

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