But EVELYN is?

!So glad Tammie got away from the BS them hoes need Jesus bad take it off the Air. First of all black women and women of color are stronger than that we have to deal with much more than being called a name(smh)i love the show but some of the people they bring on i wonder why are they there for a check$? So f-ck em. He looks like an orangutan. You need to stop acting an a-s for CeCe now you do not have a job. Breland is a mixture of you both, and he looks like his big sister too.

Colorism is alive and well among same complextion folks but theres also nationality where some might with ur Jamaican a-s even though we all black according to the world Dominicans and Puerto Rican Jewish and ” the pure white race ” we forever gonna judge each other in this world we just gotta stop doing it in front of others they need to see Black people can unite and come togher as a people when needed. That statement is downright cruel. Check Glamour Path for more information about celebrity plastic surgeries and tattoos. Emani Richardson was … I think those ladies aren’t used to people standing up to them.

Those high end h**s love talking crap about OG but get scared when she confronts them or makes a threat. We have black women being killed by racist cops just because of there color and to see people jump on a forum and act like that sh-t ain’t offensive towards our race is very disheartening. I agree with Tee Mac.
!..Love Tammi on the Saints and Sinners!!!... OG refused to be bullied by the bully and Evelyn don’t know how to take it,Shaunie need to get some balls and reign Evelyn’s a-s in, But Evelyn was there first from the beginning,washed up or not she’s one of the main characters and nit a johnny come lately,she had her moments but the original binds are with original cast members,they gonna be there everyoe else is expendable,i don’t like OG cause she want to be more important than she really is and i don’t like CeeCee two faced back stabbing a-s(ms victim )of nothing neither of them add anything to the show,i won’t miss them at all. From the very onset, they were very open about their relationship.

I really thought Malaysia was going to throw them hands on OG but she bowed out. Shaniue you a boss b-tch love you. You'll enjoy our warm, friendly environment, our wide array of services and our beautiful, modern office. To OG: Don’t let them insecure ladies take you out of your character, that’s giving them too much power!

That’s a when other level of psycho. & True it doesn’t stop anyone from fighting OG, but she hasn’t stopped anyone from trying. Lil Scrappy’s mother shared a sweet photo where she is holding Bambi Benson’s baby boy who is now eight weeks old. Can we as black women get along with each other instead of bringing each other down.
Bambi also had something to say on Instagram Story.

Although I likr OG and Malaysia I don’t believe Malaysia has bleach her skin and OG is just reaching or it could be that she is paranoid because we dark skin ladies and girls get alot of mistreatment from some of our lighter skin counter points I don’t believe the ladies on the show are doing that, but they are bullies and OG is in no way ugly she did have to step up her wig game from last session and she did but other then that she is pretty in my opion and Evelyn is just an old wash out whore. Look no further! People need to do there research before saying she don’t cause they do for the fame and money. Bambi placed her tiny teeth in 2013. What is wrong with you?

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