In order to constantly optimize our website and to provide you with the best possible service, we use cookies if you agree to the use of cookies. reserved for you Trace Elements, Ca, Mg, Alk If you order until the 11/04/2020 14:00 we ship your package probable today. On Sale. Advertise today. Most Acro species are not aggressive and will tolerate other species nearby without damaging each other.  or  Home › Acropora, MIllepora, Stags and Efflo Acropora, MIllepora, Stags and Efflo . Sailfin Tang has hole in the head fin rot. Make offer - Acropora green growing tips. Atlantis Red Brick Millepora. Wild Montipora normally has brown colour. Stylophora are easy to maintain than the Acropora and Montipora species. Pink Panther WWC Acro Acropora Frag Rare Live Coral SPS. Acropora coral care in marine, saltwater, and reef aquariums. Acropora millepora Red (B Grade) In stock. If your Acropora frag(s) has acclimated well to your system and is pleased with your care by providing good polyp posture and extension, then it’s probably safe to begin feeding once or twice a week with small, planktonic coral foods, like rotifers, Artemia nauplii, and other SPS coral foods. Texas; Thread starter Bpb; Start date Apr 23, 2020; Tagged users None Apr 23, 2020 #1 Bpb 2500 Club Member View Badges. $ 49.99. Fragments of acropora are mounted onto small stones and grown in aquariums. From $34.99 SPS - Boom's Blueberry Stag Acro. This class from the Indo-Pacific exists in almost every habit and is more resistant and easy to maintain in comparison to Acropora. $ 44.99. SPS - Boomberry Acro. That said, please bear in mind that we’re talking about many different species, so consult the specific Acro frag information and Acropora care guide on our site for each Acropora species that interests you. Acropora corals are the true prize of the reef both in the wild and our aquariums. Acropora is a genus of SPS corals that has at least 150 and very likely more species. Acropora mirabilis (A Grade) In stock. 26 The water temperature should be between 22 and 25 °C. We grow and frag the Blue... How to Care for Vivid Tricolor Acropora Coral written by Dave Burr Think of frags as Acropora seeds. On Sale from $24.99 Regular price $29.99 Sale. [email protected], Opening Hours Info. In this category of our online shop you will find an extensive collection of beautiful and rare SPS hard corals. £1.00. Fragging supplies Coral-ID - Hydno - 1.5" Stock Frag $38.00 $35.00 More Details. - Pink Birdsnest Coral - 1" WYSIWYG Frag, Pocillopora sp. Filter media Close, Back 1 sold. $19.99. Absolutely All Corals Are Captive Cultured!! Acropora nana (A Grade) Out of stock. As you grow in skills, knowledge and experience with SPS corals and learning the best ways to consistently maintain optimal water quality in your system(s,) only then do we recommend that you move on to some of the more challenging Acro frags for sale online in our collection. Close, Back SPS have high requirements regarding water parameters and develop their full beauty at low nutritional values (low values damage the corals). Acropora should not be used as starter – corals in new aquarium since they cannot adapt to the fluctuations in water parameters very well. If you’re looking for a specific species, color morph or size, contact us through our form and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. Free shipping at $300. Acropora spathulata (B Grade) In stock. Close, Back $34.99 $17.99. on your next order + exclusive offers. Forgive my pictures. Tweet. Various sizes and multiples of most. Subscribe & Save. 2 sold. As you’ve probably noted here and in other sources, Acro frags run the gamut from intermediate to expert and all shades in-between. From $29.99 SPS - Miyagi Tort Acro. Reverse Osmosis Spare Parts and Accessories, I accept the use of my data in accordance with the, EU-Shipping of corals, fish & invertebrates, More than 1.000 new WYSIWYG corals per week, Privacy Notice and Data Protection Declaration. We have a colourful collection of build beautiful SPS hard corals at our Whitecorals online shop. Home; Shop Corals; Contact Us; About Us; Need help? now available ORA Acropora Solitaryensis (Acropora sp.) I'm in Bossier City 71112 zip, will it be $20 ship since I'm so close to Texas? We have a colourful collection of build beautiful SPS hard corals at our Whitecorals online shop. Around 20 of these species are commonly found as Acropora frags on the Internet and in brick and mortar retailers but more and more species are becoming available to hobbyists and professionals alike on an ongoing basis. Fragments of acropora are mounted onto small stones and grown in aquariums. SOLD OUT. Subscribe. Close, Back We... Sold Out - Pocillopora are vulnerable to dwarf angel fish and like most of the SPS, are very fragile. We use industry leading payment solutions to keep your information safe. SPS Frag Pack 20 Corals with FREE Shipping Save $170.00; Mixed Frag Pack 20 Corals with FREE Shipping Save $130.00; Four Color Watermelon Chalice Save $70.00; Geofloors Ultra Low Light Chalice Save $50.00; Green Hammer Rosette Save $30.00; Tyree LE Miami Hurricane Chalice Save $30.00; Tyree Meteor Shower Cyphastrea Save $22.00; Leishmans Tabling Acro Save $22.00; Tyree … We do all our fragging in-house, which means that we carefully monitor freshly cut frags in a dedicated system and may be able to cut frags of different sizes, depending on your needs and budget. For example Montipora digitata (finger-shaped, robust corals) or Montipora delicatula (saucer-shaped, flat micropores coral), Further known and popular species are: Pocillopora (Raspberry coral/Bush coral), eine wart-shaped coral species which is usually brown in colour, however there are also species in blue, pink, green and „Creme“ colour (yellowish white); \n, Seriatopora (Dorn coral/Needle-coral) with very thin branches and needle-like tips which are arranged bush-shaped. Coral-, bacteria and fish food Stylophora (style coral) with thick, sometimes flat branches and round, blunt ends and green, blue, pink and creme – colours (e.g. From $29.99 SPS - ORA Hawkins Echinata Acropora. We won't spam you! just frags! No thanks, I'd rather pay more . Its shows in our commitment to providing healthy beautiful corals. Bump. per page. ACROPORA. Just make sure to increase the flow strength incrementally and monitor the frag and polyp extension closely over time. Skimmer and activated carbon help in the degradation of substances which are eliminated by SPS. Acropora coral care in marine, saltwater, and reef aquariums. How to Care for Toxic Table Acropora Coral written by Dave Burr Think of frags as Acropora seeds. Acropora nasuta (A Grade) In stock. Mon-Fri 2pm-7pm SPS – hard corals belongs to the sub-class of Hexacorallia. Show. Make an Offer. For beginners who do not want to miss the SPS in their aquarium, are recommended to begin with the robust class Montipora. Want to grow your business and reach a wider audience? You will receive new coral announcements and sales. I forgot to mention. Having said that, Acropora are one of the most difficult corals to keep. From $39.99 SPS - Purple tort. Corals of the World.” Korallen der Gattung Acropora Steinkorallen sind riffbildende, in den Weltmeeren lebende wirbellose, sessile und koloniebildende Nesseltiere, die ein Kalkskelett ausbilden. SPS Acropora 10 Frags (1+ inch) Frag Pack Live Coral Free Overnight Shipping . They would like lots of water flow and lots of light. Buy acropora corals online. Close, Back You must log in or register to reply here. Fragments of acropora are mounted onto small stones and grown in aquariums.... How to Care for Vivid Blue Tort Acropora Coral written by Dave Burr The Vivid Blue Tort Acropora coral stands out in any reef aquarium. - Reef Raft Asia Starfire Acro - 3" WYSIWYG Colony, Acropora sp. Salt mix and tank maintenance A 81 Exit at Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, login With the huge collection of SPS corals having different requirements, the spectrum of maintenance conditions is very high. Free shipping. - Ultra Acro - 3/4" WYSIWYG Frag, Acropora tenuis - UC Red Rabbit Tenuis - 1" Stock Frag, Seriatopora sp.

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