I expect both of those positions tend to… excite ambition.”. Armed with a slayer’s arsenal, all hooked swords and darts and ropes, the dark-haired youth was among the more promising of the upcoming heroes. She was a good kid that one, Klaus thought. For all that we deservedly complained about the Praesi and the Procerans, my people had always been capable of being terrible to each other without anyone else’s help. I cursed, head ringing and eyes burning, and almost stumbled into a soldier. This is why your people lost the Great War, Prince Klaus Papenheim thought. The smiled > The smile It’d be a way of cutting their connection without betrayal(an action which both are adverse to), and it’d be a way to burn away what Catherine once thought she was. The kind that could be herded into companies and forced to prepare for a march west by Lycaonese soldiers, as was currently taking place while the fantassins failed to realize they were being isolated. “I must consider the portents,” the giant said. “Do your people not have a saying about the weakest link?” General Rumena mused. His back straightened and slowly it moved away. I sometimes wondered how much of that had been that, as a girl, there simply would have been no one she could afford to trust with her thoughts. “But even when I still did, never as much as I enjoyed our relationship being simplified.”. The great wolf bowed its head, placing on the ground what it had held in its mouth. “We might be able to hold the down, if we can put up defences before the dead arrive,” Klaus admitted. Vivienne watched the golden eyes, saw how the skin tightened around them as the – heiress, the diabolist, the – shade mastered her irritation. This is the one I’ll get to fight, the one I’ll get to make my teeth on.”. “Even going on the offensive and attempting to smash the first wave before the second arrives would be a superior option, to my eye. Yet Pickler of the High Ridge tribe had been forged of goblin steel tempered in Wasteland fire, kept sharp by the whetstone of the Uncivil Wars. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts He tried to lean against a rotating stone but mistimed it and almost stumbled off the floating stone, the Pilgrim discreetly pulling at his robes so he wouldn’t. The last two men stood for smaller forces, but in their own way crucial ones: freshly back from healing the White Knight sat with a pleasant smile as he methodically ate his way through an apple, commander of all Named with the army. Not a fool indeed, while I have been yapping my jaw like one instead.”. If we got there in time to reinforce our allies, which it was a coin toss we would, then we’d have numbers on our side for the first battle. “You’d still be missing the faith,” I interrupted, hoping to distract him before he gave offence. It would take more than cryptic talk from a mouthy grave robber to impress him. Instead Antigone sat in the grass and tried to find a worthy purpose. “Catherine had entrusted her with Callow” – that really puts the full stop to any discussion of trust. Two guards were standing outside of Hune’s tent, but their stances were natural. “They must have been drunk.”. “In a manner of speaking,” Zeze calmly noted, continuing to move away. We’d want to have that fight when we were prepared and well-rested, not buried in blood and dust. “Your name will be Antigone, in honour of another. A pack of a dozen slipped out of the roiling smoke, headed towards us, but hellfire lashed out in a cloud of brimstone and Hierophant disappeared them with a slash of his hand. Dominion officers always thought like raiders, the old general deplored. Cackling wasn’t usually a good sign, in my experience, so I wrapped myself up in Night the moment before the sorcery could be pulled in. The dead were splayed out for what must have been the better part of a mile but none were paying attention to us at the moment. I’d seen enough of Akua actively trying to appeal to suspect she wasn’t even trying to be enticing at the moment. Yet the enemy general had not reinforced his attacking force after sending that first wave of three thousand or so, leaving the three prongs to fail and be wiped out. https://practicalguidetoevil.wordpress.com/maps/, Metadata Because revenge is always empathy for some but lack of empathy for the other, and when we start ranking out other humans in terms of who deserve more and who deserve less, then we truly have abandoned empathy completely, although some feel like paladins of it. There was still no sign of the Hawk out there, and now even the Wolfhound had disappeared into the rocks. Where the bottom was deeper sometimes all that could be seen was the tip of spears and helms, dragged forward against the muck. “I mean to do more than just vex,” I said. “Adjacency,” the Grey Pilgrim replied, “is not intrusion.”. It’s referred to as a broken clock because the brokenness isn’t defined by a quantitative measure of how often it matches the correct solution, so much as the innate quality of its internal workings.

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