Some people then claimed SAAMI raised the 357 Mag to 45,000. 90 grain Lead RNFP Cowboy loads 2 4.5 gr. Bullseye 4.5 gr. While I do have a GP100 in .357 magnum, I don’t like shooting .38 special ammo out of it, because cleaning powder residue out of the longer chambers is a real bitch. I haven’t shot too many full house Casull loads, but I get a huge grin when shooting my reduced loads of 7.5grs of Trail Boss under a Cast Performance 360gr WLFN. (JHP= Jacketed Hollow Point and if GC indicated, means Gas Check at 858 PowerPistol 6.2 gr. True Blue 4.0 gr. Installed some wood “boot” grips, modified them with grooves at the bottom of each side panel, similar to those on Pach. 1071 Maximum Current J frame factory grips have similar features and are made of a stiffer compound. (Cowboy loads - shot in 7 1/2" bbl.revolver - no need to reduce) When I teach other people the basics of reloading, I teach them on the .38 SPL. You can always back off to the .32 S&W Long or .32 H&R Mag if you choose to. 974 Case life is excellent, especially for mild loads. Even slower powders may provide more consistent speeds and will HP38 3.8 gr. I buy 158 SWCHP all the time….my main bullet. The majority of my shooting with .38 has taken place with soft lead bullets. I wanted a good carry gun that was light and reliable, so I decided that the .38 would fit and I just went with it. If there is only ONE load, it is MAX. 850 FPS One cool load I’m working on is two pellets of 000 Buck. Especially if you reload. HP38 3.1 gr. 830 (published MAX) I started with a Lee Loader for my shiny new Python .357, because all the ammo I could find (in 1968) was lead semiwadcutters, loaded so hot they sloughed off the lead in the bore, so after a box you couldn’t see any rifling, it looked like a smoothebore, and lord was it hard to clean!! My personal loads for practice replicate my carry. 146-148 grain LWC (Lead Wad Cutter) Jack it up a notch and go with .327 Federal Magnum. 734 (in 4 5/8" bbl)* Easy to reload and it started my reloading experience. Compac for my little finger to wrap around under the butt. Recoil in that gun is less than most 45 ACP 1911’s I have shot, and its still got around 500-600ft lbs of energy which is more than enough for feral hogs around the ranch back home. ----------------------------------------- Your email address will not be published. Universal 4.5 gr. I cannot begin to fathom shooting 20,000 rounds out of that revolver! Unique (+P)4.4 gr. I still think highly of the LCR but would shoot only 148 grain wadcutters in .38 Special or .32 H&R Magnums in the .327 Magnum model. Just depends on what kinds of loads Normal, mild .38 loads work fine with lead bullets. Titegroup 3.2 gr. 9.) Some use powders dispersed in liquids, some use electrostatic guns to spray dry powder on their bullets. 895* FPS Bullseye. 1.) *Blackhorn 209 11.7 gr. If I get to see him shoot those loads, it would be worth the price of a new keyboard! AA #2 4.8 gr. I don’t see much conversation on these specifics but I think It’s all about the size of the explosion in the chamber. I first started reloading 40+ years ago at a Lee Loader in .38 Special for a brand new Smith & Wesson Model 66 I had just purchased. This produces about 550-650fps from a 1 7/8” barrel and feels like shooting a very powerful .22LR. A Tyler T grip would have helped here, but is incompatible w/ factory grips. Note the dark band of lube on the 3 lead bullets. Loads for .38 special: HS6 7.4 gr. Traditionally, the max SAAMI pressures were: 38 S&W – 14,500 .38 Special Cast Bullet Loads reloading data with 27 loads. I have the shrouded hammer version, the 638, and have been wary of training much with it because of its aluminum frame. hi=736 lo=647 ES=89 (powder up and down) Jacketed bullets create a bit more wear on the rifling, but it's better 808 (in 7" bbl) The Charter Arms .44 models are potential CCWs, but are too light to properly handle the .44 spl. Modern .38 spl std HP load is more than enough, don’t over think it. I make a habit of counting the number of reloads I make by keeping a tally of primer and bullet boxes. 10 for a full cylinder. 2400 7.0 gr. The "cowboy" loads would be good Seems like everyone is all orgasmic about bigger, faster, more of, etc. Bullseye 3.0 gr. No. 2.) The only way to shoot both 9mm and .38 special is to have two separate cylinders timed to the revolver. 681 higher when powder is next to primer. Unique was a sooty powder so I’ve switched to W231. Unique 5.1 gr. and N321 fall in this range for burning times. 872 (published) I recently bought trail boss and it runs fine out of my 14-3. less to start.) Data will be standard “book” .38 Special data and I’ll not attempt to “hotrod” the loads. Nice thing about reloading is that loads can be “tailored” for the gun that you are shooting. 9 mm, .40 sw, 45 acp, .44 mag. Currently using Titegroup, but started out with, and loaded many thousands of rounds, with Bullseye. Reducing consumables (and therefore cost) that much more is definitely appealing to me. 938 Maximum BTW, I wish I had any one of those three revolvers today. I load these bullets to the edge of the shoulder and use anywhere from 3-4 grains of TB. For those folks shooting a lot of lead bullets, invest in a Lewis lead remover. He loves this gun and keeps it in reach 24/7. I’d pay at least a dollar to see it. (WC= WadCutter, SWC= Semi-WadCutter, If you can follow simple instructions, you can safely load this cartridge. more weight than the similar size CA .44 Bulldog, were available, a lot more people would also like the .44 spl. Just look for a lead remover tool with bronze screens. h�b```"[O~�g`��0p,``p?���:��49������oɮ…���`l�`�`�`n�h�@SB����4����Ise>n�����@�c5��䢥`�b��J [email protected]| � �"+ Anyone that uses a “J” frame S&W should seriously think about swapping grips, and finding which set works for them. The beauty of shooting a .38 is that you can easily practice at the ranges you’d fight at using basically any cheap bullet at minimal expense. 860 W231* 4.0 gr. 41 Rem Mag – 35,000 completely in the .38 and is not as critical as the faster powders like Winchester 231 is between Bullseye and Unique for the .38 special (see my personal Super cheap and easy to make and would likely be a very effective defense ammo against wildlife that might be a threat to me as the two balls will spread an inch or two from each other at close range. I go with the cheap and easy “shake and bake” technique that requires only plastic Glad container with a lid, handful of black 6mm BBs and old toaster owen. I, like Spartacus, find the SAAMI recommendations an interesting spec for comparative purposes. 9 and others like 2400 A significant difference in speeds is usually noted. Hodgdon's Clays, Bonus is the CT #305 grips are both large enough to be actually useful, and can use the laser, or turn it off if you don’t need the laser. 540 (+P) 8.7 gr. Unique 5.3 gr. designed for the +P cartridges.) 2 4.2 gr. But not too tough. all that is required of the round. Despite being well over one hundred years old, it still has perfect relevance for today’s shooters, both novice and advanced. Clays 2.5 gr. (Or so I have heard.). I never really set my sights, in a manner of speaking, on the .38 cartridge like I did other rounds. 32 H&R Mag – 21,000 5 are good choices. hi=770 lo=679 ES=91 (powder up and down) No. I’ve probably picked up 300 cases of .38 the past few months and will continue to grab them as I see them, but what’s nice is I can shoot more and put that money towards brass for .32 or .45 Colt, stuff that I never see at the range. --- 725 (in 7" bbl) ZERO AMMO (commercial) 795 (reference only) I also find the LCR .357 enjoyable to shoot with all .38s and most .357’s. maximum. HP38 3.7 gr. fire shooting, you may want to raise gun before every shot. WAP 4.3 gr. That revolver is aluminum and cannot handle the pressure of 9MM. PowerPistol 4.4 gr. revolver, with a 3″ barrel, and 4 – 6 oz. And it isn’t my first rodeo with a J-frame. 804 FPS Maximum Very versatile cartridge. HP38 4.8 gr. 1,083 This produces about 550-650fps from a 1 7/8” barrel and feels like shooting a very powerful .22LR. 705 minimum WAP 4.0 gr. 870 869 I do this for my .357s but this article is about .38 Special loads. A chameleon depending on your loads and the barrel length or action its fired from. 2 3.6 gr. Two years into my second century a Colt MK IV Series 80 LTWT Commander 45 ACP still delivers the big medicine, but I have become enthralled with a new wheel gun- a Charter Arms Professional 32 H&R Magnum. 885 110 grain JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point) Maybe once a year I would reset everything to load up a few hundred .38 Spl for the wife’s Detective Special, then right back to .357. 955* Bullet seating depth is very forgiving. W231 3.4 gr. Brass collection is easy since it doesn’t eject. Unique 4.5 gr. The stuff you learn shooting 20,000 reloads (on top of thousands of rounds of factory ammo) can be pretty interesting and I feel that I’ve got a very good picture of what the .38 Special. The covered blackstrap and extended length Compac design I reckon are major factors in reducing perceived recoil. Powders.) Nothing, they don’t need any. 856 start Unique 4.2 gr. My M60 came w/ factory “banana” grips- open back, long enough for pinkie rest but too small in girth behind the trigger guard. No. I love a nice, full-size .357 Magnum on the range because it is so easy to train new shooters on. 952 FPS Maximum 872 FPS minimum 38 Special +P – 18,500 Clays 2.8 gr.

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