© 2020 TechSpot, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Nvidia haven’t released all of the RTX 3090’s specs just yet, such as memory speed or memory bandwidth, but I’ve summarised the keys specs they have announced below. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. The Nvidia Founders Edition of the RTX 3090 costs £1399 in the UK and $1499 in the US. Third party RTX 3090 cards, on the other hand, only need a regular 2x 8-pin power connector. Doom Eternal did work well, it looks great, and we saw VRAM usage hit 16GB -- actual usage, not just allocation. We do see a healthy 18% boost to the 1% low performance, but even that is underwhelming for this comparison. After an hour of gaming the fans spun at just over 1000 RPM where they were quieter than the other fans in our test system and therefore couldn't be heard. Those with deep enough pockets won’t hesitate to snap up that price to performance ratio. At the moment, Nvidia are promising speeds of 60fps at 8K on the RTX 3090, and have released the following graph to show you what to expect. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. Although it’s not actually called a Titan -- we guess RTX Titan was already taken -- RTX 3090 works for us and perhaps more importantly, when compared to many of the previous Titan-class products, we feel the 3090 is more significant. Memory Interface Width: 384-bit Unless your workload requires more than 10 GB of VRAM, you’re just much better off with the RTX 3080 in terms of value. Here’s a side-by-side spec comparison with the RTX 3080. The RTX 3080 is a little over twice as fast as the Radeon VII in this test, boosting performance by 108%, or if you go the other way it reduced the render time by 52%. Still, if you’re dead set on having the best graphics card around for the foreseeable future, I’ve gathered together everything you need to know about the RTX 3090, including its specs, price, where you can buy one, and what time it goes on sale. Either way, the RTX 3090 is sure to be significantly faster than the RTX 2080 Ti… Typically though you are looking at about a 30% performance uplift, which is about what the 2080 Ti offered over the 1080 Ti for a 70% increase in price. The card — which is up to 50% faster than the Titan RTX, according to Nvidia — will feature a whopping 24 GB of GDDR6X VRAM, and will be available starting Sept. 24 at $1,499. They used the same architecture as their GeForce siblings, but were very much intended for professional content creation rather than purely for gaming. You can see the full specs breakdown for the three cards on Nvidia’s website. Nvidia revealed its new GeForce RTX 3070, RTX 3080, and RTX 3090 graphics cards during its GeForce Special Event on Tuesday, with CEO Jensen Huang introducing each of the GPUs from his kitchen. She's also RPS' resident deals herald.
The focus of this review will be on the RTX 3090 GPU, not Nvidia’s Founders Edition graphics card. This is the day that you’ll be able to buy both the Nvidia Founders Edition of the RTX 3090 and third party partner versions of the card from Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, EVGA and other manufacturers. The massive 24GB VRAM buffer has no appeal here, and despite Nvidia’s best efforts, 8K gaming just isn’t a thing, hell even 4K is still niche. You might find it difficult to get hold of one until early next year, though, as Nvidia have already apologised about their “limited supply” of cards available at launch. Join thousands of tech enthusiasts and participate.

Coming in October will be the RTX 3070 with 8 GB of GDDR6 VRAM (not the faster GDDR6X memory in the two other GPUs). Still, not a bad result and it explains why the RTX 3090 FE card runs so cool which we’ll look at in a moment, but first here is a look at performance per watt. The RTX 3070, RTX 3080, and RTX 3090 will be the first consumer-oriented gaming graphics cards featuring Nvidia’s new Ampere microarchitecture; the 20-series GPUs were based on the then-new Turing architecture. Rounding out the lineup is the behemoth RTX 3090, which Nvidia has dubbed the “BFGPU” (“Big Ferocious GPU”) and says is “the world’s first 8K gaming GPU.” Nvidia invited people such as former G4 host Adam Sessler and Kinda Funny’s Tim Gettys to play Wolfenstein: Youngblood and Control in 8K resolution at 60 frames per second. That much is pretty much a given at this point. Likewise, productivity tasks won't take full advantage of the RTX 3090 unless you can utilize that extra memory. But it is the manufacturer of the chips inside both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X — and both of those next-gen consoles will be capable of ray tracing. Finally, for those gaming at 4K, the RTX 3090 offers on average 11% more performance over the RTX 3080. Rainbow Six Siege sees a 10% boost at 1440p which takes us from 327 fps with the RTX 3080 to 360 fps with the RTX 3090, not amazing but it is a double-digit gain.
We did try out 8K gaming and it was impressive seeing 60 fps in Doom Eternal. “Ampere is the biggest generational leap we’ve ever had,” said Huang. Here we can see that the Radeon VII was comparable to the RTX 2080 Ti in this application and that made it a great value option, though it wasn’t that much faster than the vanilla 2080. The GeForce RTX™ 3090 is a big ferocious GPU (BFGPU) with TITAN class performance. Furthermore, at 4K the RTX 3090 is considerably better value than the RTX 2080 Ti and it’s not much worse than parts released last year like the Radeon VII, for example. As Nvidia were keen to point out during their RTX 3000 series launch event, the RTX 3090 is the first consumer graphics card to be able to play games in 8K. Core i5 vs. The only potential use case where we’d say the 3090 is required is for those who can take advantage of the massive 24 GB VRAM buffer, which could be highly beneficial for animation and 3D modeling tools like Autodesk Maya or Blender, or video editors working with 8K raw footage. For those hoping to upgrade from a 2080 Ti, the peak gain we observed was a 44% performance improvement in Resident Evil 3.

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