The technician stated that the failure was common with the make and model and that the dealer would not disclose it. The failure mileage was 8,900. Using the electronic emergency brake drains the battery to dead. Today, I read online consumer reports of grinding noise complaints from others who drive a 2014 Honda Cr-v. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. I am taking to Honda dealer tomorrow this is a year old Honda. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure and provided a case number. 2018 Honda CR-V not a good winter vehicle. Can you please help me out? Battery failed to start (at all) on 01/09/19, and was difficult to jump start. We never had this issue with our previous model. Then what - no alarm - nothing. I raised the issue with local Honda dealer and they told me to schedule an appointment. Berni, Once jumped, vehicle will die again. Original battery died within months of purchasing brand new car. this is dangerous too. This has been goin on since I bought this car Dec. 28th 2018. Since I have gotten the 2015 Honda Cr-v 5 years ago, I have randomly had difficulty starting my car. Ours is only 7 months old and the battery has died completely twice within 10 days. Usually takes several tries. CR-V owners report overfilled oil levels due to fuel in the oil, & sometimes a gas smell in the cabin. Oem battery failures. Battery charging system recall. I bought this car in January 2015 replaced battery bought new on November 2015 and have had to replace the battery 4 times since. If the car sits for 24 + hours the battery dies, I have had this happen 6 times now. Last time new battery installed August of 2019 battery dead again in April 2020. After jump starting the car it has now issues like a hard start as if the battery is dead my interior lights dimwhen at stop light the loss mitigation warming comes on but all my extras extra for the steering help are off ot feels as if it's going to die at a light and my mpg went from 25. I would be suspecting the battery (may have internal short circuit across the plates/bad cell), Hi Trevor - it’s a mystery at the moment. He said some die in a couple / few days and it's normal. I have had problems with the car heating up for the past 2 winters. The vehicle was not repaired. On my second battery and died as two days not being driven. This has been going on since my vehicle hi check up, 12,170 miles. It was parked at my home. Car has only 1000 miles and I've had to jump it 3 times plan to call dealer for warranty work, but I see from other postings that this is an unresolved issue for Honda. Some sort of parasitic drain?. This has occurred over 6 times in 3000 miles. ... Honda Sensing Problems Updated on December 19, 2018. The importance of battery service in Phoenix cannot be stressed enough, especially since our hot weather tends to negatively impact car batteries. Honda checked battery and found no problems with battery or electrical system. My local dealer said it is normal with Honda. Get answers and make your voice heard! 8 that's insane!! Upload or insert images from URL. This is my second vehicle bought from Honda , this time I'm really disappointed.

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