[5], Regardless of the findings, or lack thereof provided by the NTSB or NTSC, the potential factor of a defective Parker-Hannifin-made power control unit (PCU) that controlled the aircraft's rudder is still believed to have possibly led to the crash of the 737 aircraft. JJ’s feelings for Xu never went beyond friendship, and after months of active pursuit, JJ finally rejected Xu. Then later I’d have wondered “what was that song again?” There are just so many songs out there it’s hard to keep track.

Weather conditions, clear skies out of Jakarta, very hot afternoon, and at the moment we are still in good weather, however toward Singapore we can expect a bit of showers, thunderstorm towards the southern part of Singapore. Xu Chue Fern, a Chinese Indonesian, was a close friend of JJ’s during grade school. This song was dedicated to victims of the SilkAir Flight MI185 crash in 1997, as well as JJ Lin’s friend Xu Chue Fern.

The manufacturer's records relating to this particular unit revealed that it had failed some routine tests, but they claimed to have corrected these problems. [21] The accident occurred in the middle of a controversy over the NTSB's role in accidents caused by the rudder control unit. [24], According to the series Mayday, the rudder issue had been corrected before construction started on the accident aircraft. [9][10] This is the first and only fatal hull loss for SilkAir. First officer Ward had 2,501 flight hours, with 2,311 of them on the Boeing 737. It’s not perfect and that’s why we must practice it. The crash killed all 104 people on board, including JJ’s friend. Flight time one hour twenty minutes. Don’t say you miss me. At 16:05, 19 minutes later, the CVR stopped recording. It’s the same with love. The desire before we learn to set it down. In a moment our lives could end. The heartbreak of practicing love. [9] The CVR stopped functioning approximately 6 minutes before the dive as the captain was leaving the cockpit for a short break. Helping those who have lost loved ones to live in their memories again, Jean's programme becomes a success but at a cost - his invention causes many others to be unable to distinguish between reality and memory. I always go back and listen to it every now and then. [5][15] Furthermore, the investigators had found the trim jackscrew for the horizontal stabilizer, which revealed that flight inputs from one of the pilots had moved the stabilizer from level flight to a full nose down descent. [5], In the aftermath of the crash, several potential motives for the captain's alleged suicide and homicide were suggested, including recent financial losses of $1.2 million[12] (his share-trading showed trading of more than one million shares and his securities-trading privileges had been suspended 10 days before the accident due to nonpayment),[4] his obtaining a $600,000 life insurance policy the previous week which was to have gone into effect on the day of the accident[12] (though it later emerged that this was a routine policy taken out as part of a mortgage requirement),[4][17] his receipt of several recent disciplinary actions on the part of the airline (including one that related to improper manipulation of the CVR circuit breaker),[4] and the loss of four squadron mates during his military flight training, 18 years earlier on the exact date of the crash.

Tsu's announcement ended at 15:46.

Streetlights shine on the pain. Jayne Stars website reported that on 1 March, the Singapore-born singer-songwriter released the music video that was directed by the award-winning Hsu Yun Hsuan. [5] The manufacturer of the aircraft's rudder controls and the families later reached an out-of-court settlement. The US NTSB, which also participated in the investigation, concluded that the evidence was consistent with a deliberate manipulation of the flight controls, most likely by the captain. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Time in Singapore is now four forty five in the afternoon, this is about five minutes ahead of schedule. The TV series Mayday argues Captain Tsu may have taken the opportunity of leaving the cockpit for tripping the CVR circuit breaker in order to turn off the CVR. [25] After threatening to appeal the verdict, Parker Hannifin later compensated all families involved (although it did not accept liability). In the aftermath of the crash, as well as with worsening conditions for Asian aviation in general due to the financial crisis, SilkAir terminated its Singapore–Jakarta service, and has not returned since. If it’s the best we can do, then it’s the best we can do. As a result of this finding, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ordered the servo valves to be replaced and new training protocol for pilots to handle unexpected movement of flight controls to be developed. [9][note 3]. [9] At 15:47:06, while climbing through 24,500 ft (7,468 m), the crew requested clearance to proceed directly to waypoint PARDI (0°34′S 104°13′E / 0.567°S 104.217°E / -0.567; 104.217).

Memories really are too much. 1997年12月19日下午4时23分,胜安MI185飞机从雅加达的机场起飞,约1 小时后出故障,仅10个月机龄的波音 B737-300在印尼巨港坠毁,机上97名乘客和7名机舱人员全部罹难。Xu Chue Fern即死于MI185空难,她喜欢林俊杰,但没有“触电”的他婉拒了该女生。该女生之后介绍了一个好朋友给林俊杰,而自己则依 … The meaning behind the music video is also really touching and thought provoking. Bringing someone back from the dead, whether just an illusion, is dangerous.

The story behind this song is so heartbreaking however, that it stayed with me and I have listened to it often since. The cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder stopped recording minutes before the abrupt descent, but not at the same time. The accident was investigated by the Indonesian NTSC, which was assisted by expert groups from the US, Singapore, and Australia. [4] Parts of the wreckage were embedded 15 feet (4.6 m) into the riverbed. However, the heartbroken Xu was still willing to introduce one of her friends to JJ, who eventually dated JJ for two months. 1997年12月19日胜安mi185空难,无一人生还。 明明已经知道了故事的结尾,但是当从那份名单里看到了MV最后出现的那个名字 Xu Chue Fern 还是很难过。 人就是这样的吧,明明知道真相,却还是期待奇迹可 … The plane was travelling faster than the speed of sound for a few seconds before impact. [18] Investigations later revealed that his total assets were greater than his liabilities, although his liquid assets could not cover his immediate debts; his monthly income was less than his family's monthly expenditure; and he had some outstanding credit card debts. The time it took the aircraft to dive from cruise altitude to the river was less than one minute. First Officer Ward acknowledged this call. The FDR was deactivated 5 minutes later approximately one minute before the dive. It’s like a good, healing sad song LOL. Love is more than just words. [1], The cause of the crash was independently investigated by two agencies in two countries: the United States National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC). Newsroom. Laughing and saying love makes people crazy. While descending through 12,000 ft (3,700 m), parts of the aircraft, including a great extent of the tail section, started to separate from the aircraft's fuselage due to high forces arising from the nearly supersonic dive.

At 16:11, nearly six minutes after the CVR ceased recording, the flight data recorder (FDR) also stopped recording. We’d like to welcome you aboard and ah we are now climbing through nineteen thousand feet. A metals expert, with the use of images from a scanning electron microscope, concluded that the servo valve had 'chip-outs' and numerous burrs "that could easily have interfered with the smooth operation of the valve". ( Log Out /  There were four more incidents where a 737 rudder power control unit (PCU) malfunction was suspected. After hearing this song and the story behind it, it really made me think more of how we practice love. Living in Japan at the time, it made me think of whether I put enough effort into showing my friends, family, students, and co-workers how much I cared. For one face, we nurse a whole body of hurt. Having done so, the pilot then proceeded to lock his co-pilot out of the flight deck before disabling the data recorder; Tsu is presumed to have done this in order to ensure that there would be no record of what he was going to do next. [note 2][11] At 15:53, the crew reported reaching the cruise altitude of FL350 and was cleared to proceed directly to PARDI, and to report abeam Palembang. Is the problem solved?

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